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A Football bettor normally is asked to select a minimum of three games with his bet. However, live television is changing that traditional format, and bettors can now regularly back just a single contest.

Futures book
Before the start of a season, odds are given for individual clubs to win their respective league championships. These future prices are updated through the season. Odds are also offered on a wide range of other bets including; winner of team matchups, winners of special grouping of teams, most prolific goal scorer, and more.

Most football matches end with one of three results: a winner, a loser or a draw. But in International or Cup play, extra time is played should a draw be the result at the end of regulation play. Should extra time fail to produce a result, penalty shoot-outs can be employed to produce a winner. In other situations, a replay may be awarded instead of electing to use the penalty shoot-out.


TIP: Remember that full-time includes the 90 minutes of regulation, plus any additional time the referee elects to add on for injury, substitutions, stoppages, etc. In some matches it is not unusual to see two sets of odds.



90 minutes

Win outright









Handicap betting is also offered on Football. The away team receives a one-goal start. With the handicap included, odds are offered against a home-win, away-win or a draw.

A popular wager is the half-time/full-time bet. In this combination, the bettor predicts both the half time and the full-time results. Both portions of the bet must be correct in order to win the bet.

Betting on the final outcome of a football match is extremely popular, as is betting on which player will score a goal, the numbers of corners conceded and the total number of fouls during the match.


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