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Cricket betting is normally an uncomplicated process and bettors should find available a wide range of wagering propositions - both with fixed odds bets and spread-betting bets.

Individual matches normally will have one underdog side and one favoured side. Odds on a winning result, or on a draw (except for limited-overs or one-day matches), will be quoted on both the favorite and the underdog teams. The one-day matches are bet as win/loss.
TIP: In case of a one-day draw, most bookmakers will return the punter's stake - but not all do, so always ask about the bookmaker's one-day policy before making a bet.

Bookmakers have recently become more ambitious with their range of one-day bets. Selecting the top batsman who will score the most runs for his side's innings is extremely popular with bettors. Another bet that gained popularity during the Cricket World Cup in England was to predict the number of wide's bowled during a match.


Ante-Post betting is widely available to bettors that follow the domestic leagues of the top Cricketing nations. These odds will fluctuate throughout the seasons' play.

Test match betting allows the bettor to wager on individual matches within a particular Test match, as well as picking the overall winner of the entire series. But take caution, the odds on winning a series can fluctuate greatly over the test period.

Bettors will find that the various domestic Cricket play offers betting opportunities. However, the majority of wagering interest is centered on international events; either the five-day Tests, limited overs or one-day internationals. There are also special invitational tournaments, and every four years, the Cricket World Cup competition is played.


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